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The agency for digital marketing, web design and social media management that gives life to your company so that way it has soul and heart

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Our history

All successful companies were born out of a great deal of passion. With these two aspects as the basis of its essence, Turn The Magic On was born. Alexander De la Paz, from Colombia, did have the creativity to bond with profesionals from all over the world through their professional passion quickly led to the founding of a different digital marketing agency. Not only, because it unites European and Latin American strategic thinking around communication and the world of web design, but it also brings passion and enthusiasm to each project or campaign, always with the priority of giving life to your business ideas to touch the feelings of your clients, and have strength, soul and heart.

Get to know us!

Social media management

ALEX DE LA PAZ Communication and digital marketing expert | Social communicator and journalist | Content creator | Social media management specialist | University professor


To make your brand image something extraordinary. We collaboratively generate ideas with our clients. We are off the conventional path followed by digital marketing and content creation on social media to connect with others effectively.


We create ideas that prioritize individuals. We give our clients’ brands their own voice to positively impact their audience. We give life, soul and heart to your company so that it naturally impacts the eyes and minds of your clients.


We generate a marketing strategy from the brutally honest stories, images, ideas and points of view of the brands we advise to touch the feelings of their customers. We focus on creating new and successful marketing models.

What do we do?

We are experts in digital marketing and managing social media networks, because we want to positively impact through companies, brands and businesses that connect people with the experiences they want to live. Our results are effective, professionally impeccable, and with optimal response times.

We specialize in website design, tailored to the interests of our clients. SEO optimization (in Google), website improvement, creation of strategic plans. Activation of social networks, social media growth and content creation. Implementation of inbound marketing campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIN (organic campaigns without payment or contracting with third parties). We are experts in e-commerce and creation of shopping sites. Configuration, implementation and monitoring of Google Analytics accounts, writing and editing of texts, creation of audiovisual content. Design of media planning.

Website design

Why do we do what we do?

In Turn The Magic On we are full of life. We are a team of charismatic and positive professionals. We transmit that positive energy and vigor with passion and professionalism to each of our pieces of work. We take care of every detail and give life to your business ideas so that they have strength, soul and heart. We do digital marketing in a different way so that this spirit touches the feelings, and naturally impacts the eyes and minds of your customers. We enjoy our work, we put love and enthusiasm, in this way we ensure your satisfaction and success.

Our team

Logo maker Santiago Betancur

SANTIAGO BETANCUR Expert in corporate design and neuroimaging | Creative professional in logo making | Expert in 3D design, modeling and rendering for product and architecture | Director and producer in 2D and 3D animation

Journalist and text editor website

KATJA NOORDAM Professional in organizational and corporate communication | Expert in corporate social responsibility and social marketing | Journalist and copywriter | Web content creation expert

Jingles for youtube

JOHN DE LA PAZ Jingles Production Expert | Musician, composer and arranger | Professional singer | Audio producer | Digital Audio Editing Specialist

Drone flyer

RICHARD PERDOMO Professional drone pilot | Professional photographer | Advertising and journalistic photography expert | Photographic producer | Licensed in social sciences

Youtube specialist

DIEGO ESCOBAR Social Communicator-Journalist | Digital content creator | Social Media Manager | Google and YouTube partner

Drone flyer specialist

SANTIAGO CASTRO Professional photographer | Audiovisual director | Editor | Drone operator | Social communicator and journalist

Social Media Strategist

ROCIO GIORDANO Expert in communication and digital marketing | Social Media Strategist | Community Manager | Public Relations


ROBINSON CASTILLO CHARRIS Expert in News Content Marketing / Structuring of institutional and politic campaigns / Crisis management / Social Comunicator-Journalist / Expert in Political Communication

Luís van Baren

LUÍS VAN BAREN Multimedia expert | Web designer | Specialist in visual design and animation | Copywriter

Logo design for your company

MARÍA GIRÓN Advertiser | Specialist in corporate identity and neuroimaging | Expert in brand conceptualization and development | Specialist in visualization and set design

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