Do you require advice for the digital team of your project, company or business? At Turn the magic on, we have a select group of professionals who can effectively guide, contribute ideas, organize and optimize processes in the digital sector.

Turn the magic on consulting service is a process in which you receive the support of a personal advisor, who will guide you in the creation, commissioning and achievement of the objectives of your project, company or business.


We will be happy if you tell us about your business, project or idea, then we will analyze it and make a budget.


Communication and marketing strategy

We help you design diagnostics, preparation and execution of strategic communication and marketing plans, focused on measurable objectives. We create personalized digital strategies, adjusted to your context and purposes. We work collaboratively, on internal or external corporate strategies, adapting to your needs.

Web design

We will guide you in the use of various tools, applications and technology engines essential for web design. We are experts advising on the design of content managers such as WordPress, WooCommerce to create virtual stores, Learndash to develop online courses. Likewise, our professionals will guide you in the use of design tools such as WPBakery Page Builder, Mailchimp for email marketing, among others. We have specialists in the management of WordPress themes Impreza (for companies) and Soledad (for blogs), which allows us to provide you with advice and support in the processes you carry out using these tools.

Social media (content marketing)

We have talented professionals who will guide you in the design and execution of strategic plans and the creation of content with high emotional impact on social networks such as: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and LinkedIn. Likewise, we carry out consultancies aimed at diagnosing, or redesigning strategic marketing plans or content creation.

Inbound marketing

We are experts providing advice on inbound marketing, which is essential to reduce the costs of your company and attract new customers through relevant organic content. With the activation of a strategic consulting in inbound marketing, you update your company with all the tools that digital marketing uses. You will also optimize and amplify the arrival to your audiences, managing to guarantee the sustainable growth over time of your company or business.

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